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Who am I?


Darrin Clark


Born and raised in Zimbabwe, I'm torn between two homes, North America and Southern Africa. 

My wife and I, and our family, now live in Canada.

I've traversed this globe we call home, and I've been inspired and moved by beautiful people and beautiful places everywhere I've been. My desire to discover more of the unknown has a stronger call than to revisit the already known.

My life and my spirituality are one, and in One.

I love God, I love myself, I love my wife and family, and I love people.


I'm forward thinking on the foundation of past experience. 

I'm fascinated by ideas.

I am inspired and moved by what the future could hold. 


My Photography Life

I have developed a deeper love for creation from seeing it through the lens of a camera.

Capturing creation is an art, and one which has taught me so much about myself. As I spend time in beautiful places, I find more of God, and I find more of me.


The beauty of it all teaches me, and it compels me forward to find Him more. I must be loved He made this all for me.

You'll see some of my photographs are for sale. When you buy one the profit generated goes to the work we do in Zimbabwe.


Go ahead and connect with me and let's put a beautiful image on your wall. Let's put outside inside! :)

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Be Blessed!

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Email me

I'm sure that not everything I say, you agree with. I'd love to hear some of your thoughts on the topics, and I also love to learn new things.

It would be great to hear what you'd like to hear. During my may years of life, parenting, pastoring, and adventuring, I've gathered a few ideas about this thing called life - and still gathering more! :)

I'm looking forward to hearing from you.

Thanks for reaching out. I'll respond soon, either in person or in a future blog, depending on your message.

©2020 by Darrin Clark

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