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I Hope You're Sleeping Well at Night!

Good morning Whitney, (and the conservative led administration of Alberta; and the liberal led administration of Canada) it’s me again!

I’ve titled this letter “I Hope You’re Sleeping Well at Night” - because someone has to, to make up for the millions of Albertans and Canadians who are not!

I’m not sleeping well at night, and I’ll tell you why. I’m not sleeping well because I’m angry.

“Why are you angry?” - you ask.

Thanks for asking, let me tell you. I’ll cut right to the chase.

Failed: I’m angry because the provincial and federal administrations refuse to accept that they have failed! (Are they too proud? Or, is there an ulterior motive to these actions?) Their excessive heavy handedness and actions, which even now they continue, are resulting in suppression of the morale of the people, collapsing their businesses, closing their workplaces, and destroying their economy, all which grant the people the ability to provide for themselves as independent, vibrant, and free citizens. This, all for a virus which has now been evidently and scientifically proven to be substantially less detrimental than originally modelled back in early 2020. Why do we not change the heavy handed course of action!?

I hope you’re sleeping well at night!

Fear: I’m angry because it’s becoming evident to me that this regime-like approach to leadership, in the guise of compassion and care, is making people fearful. The administration, elected by the people on promises to serve the people, has, rather, made those people dependent on their every word and every command, petrified to step outside the ordered box - the passing of Bill 10 recently in Alberta, is a perfect example. I speak to a lot people and hear of many who live in fear and whom have locked themselves away from humanity citing the wash, rinse, and repeat, message of the media manipulation.

I hope you’re sleeping well at night!

Facts: I’m angry because the mountain of evidence and facts which we now have available to us all, regarding this virus, and which indicates the very opposite of the need for the lockdowns, is being ignored. We all know of the Great Barrington Declaration, and also of many other perfectly reasonable and sensible findings of highly decorated and qualified medical and emergency professionals. The current administration’s ignoring of these common sense and well versed professionals, is certainly perplexing and troublesome. The silence of most politicians, on even the acknowledgment of the wisdom which these other people offer, is indicative of a more sinister issue, it now seems.

I hope you’re sleeping well at night!

Future: I’ve had an amazing and blessed life, and I also have no fear of my future after this life is done. So why I’m mostly angry, is because politicians are destroying our children’s future. The implications of what is happening now is molding their innocent and pliable hearts and minds in an unGodly and irreparable way. While hardships can be a beneficial growth impetus in any persons life, government control of the nature of which we are seeing, I feel, is abuse, and those party to this infliction will be held to eternal account.

I really hope you’re sleeping well at night!

The overwhelming truth is that this virus is not as harmful nor destructive on the masses as we were initially led to believe, but the narrative drum keeps being pounded. Please tell me why?

This virus, just like the flu viruses of every year, cannot be contained nor stopped by any of the measures which are being enforced upon us all - yet fear mongering and enforcement measures continue anyway. Please tell me why?

Our tax dollars are being spent on unemployment and CERB payouts, costing Albertans and Canadians copious amounts of money which we will all be on the hook to pay back in the future - debt doesn’t just go away! If this really is such a scary and deadly virus, money would have been spent to upgrade the hospitals and medical personal to cope with the “overwhelming” conditions, but that didn’t happen, and isn’t happening! Please tell me why?

Recently a group of Alberta MLA’s broke rank, and in solidarity issued their own statement opposing the further pressing of the current lockdown conditions. These men and women understand what risk is; they understand the potential cost and implications; and they know what courage is, too. Like a breath of fresh air, they give us hope that there are a few common-sense and unwavering people still in politics. While their stance was, very sadly, quickly berated by this conservative party, a great many of us support them and will stand with them against these unprecedented restrictions of human freedom, even against the party which we once voted for, if needs be.

Which Piece is Missing?

Having now expressed, again, my dissatisfaction and concerns, I am open to be proven wrong about these points, and to be shown that my growing anger and lack of sleep are in vain. Is my logic which I use to put all these puzzle pieces together, incorrect? Am I so out to lunch that I’m missing such an important piece of this puzzle? If so, what is this piece which I am missing?

Honestly, my heart would love to believe that I’m wrong, life could be easier that way, and who wants hardships anyway!? I am open to being influenced by truth, integrity, honesty, transparency, evidence, etc. - you know, all the good stuff.

In that light, I invite you to offer me the missing puzzle piece, or pieces, not with political jargon nor pandering speech, I don’t care for those, but with scientific evidence and statistics to back up the justification for our province’s and country’s current craziness. I am open to conversation.

Until such conversation helps me see otherwise, this email is to express again that I would like for you, the MLA who represents my community and myself, to stand on my behalf in opposition to these lockdowns, and to express to Jason Kenney and the conservative party, that it is past time for complete transparency, an acknowledgement of other people's wisdom, and to lift these restrictions.

To end, I’ll quote from a wise and influential man, Jesus.

“Do people gather grapes from thorn bushes or figs from thistles? Of course not! Every good tree bears good fruit, but a bad tree bears bad fruit. A good tree cannot bear bad fruit, nor can a bad tree bear good fruit. Every tree that does not bear good fruit is cut down and thrown into the fire. Therefore by their fruits you will know them.”

The future will lay bare the hearts of those who held the reigns through this moment in history.

Best regards, and thank you for representing me.

Darrin Clark

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