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It's Time to Stop The Madness

Updated: Mar 30, 2021

Dear Whitney.

I am taking a time out again to express to you, my local MLA, of my dissatisfaction with the current government's approach to COVID-19, and to share my voice as an Albertan that it’s time to stop this madness.

Playing Politics

On one hand, I, and we, do appreciate the many small and unnoticed things which you and your office do for our community and city, so thank you for that service. On the other hand, a greater and grave concern is rising to eclipse these many good things, and it’s of this which I write again.

The longer that this government, both provincial and federal, continue to push their agendas, the more the holes in their ideologies and theories about the virus, how it’s affecting us citizens, and how it should be handled, are becoming glaringly evident.

It has also become clear that the Conservative Party has become no different than the liberal party of Canada - that is, it seems, a party that just plays politics with no real stand for morality, integrity, or truth. This a generalized statement, of course, and has no reference toward any person in particular, however, party leaders cannot abnegate their responsibilities for the policies which they present and preside over. Fruit speaks louder than words, and what we are currently living under in Alberta is the fruit of the Conservative party’s kowtow to the same influences of that of the liberal party.

To quote directly from your own personal website; “It was also the day the Calgary Glenmore United Conservative Party candidate was jolted into her first understanding of how destructive bad government policy could be to the lives of ordinary Albertans.”

This paragraph is a powerful statement, one so true, yet seemingly distant in today’s political world.

Like yourself, I too have memories from years gone by, ones which have also shaped and formed who I am and my convictions, today. I grew up in a war in which international politicians painted the picture of how bad we were and how good the freedom fighters were; the evidence of how wrong the world was can be seen today in the country known as Zimbabwe. Since that global politically forced transition, from Rhodesia to become Zimbabwe, under the rule of its new leader the country plummeted from the once vibrant and prosperous country it was, into poverty, despair, and political dictatorship. Under such leadership, murder of political opposition members is now commonplace; torture of unsympathetic citizens is a way of governing; and committing genocide against the only group of people capable of standing against them, the ruling party secured their power and ability to effect governance toward their own end. It really wasn’t about the freedom of people, after all.

That, sadly, is no different to the white-collar politics of the developed world; and I learned early in life that politicians talk a lot, too much in fact, and, that few of them have any backbone for truth and integral change. I also came to understand that politicians cannot be trusted - they bend to the powers of stronger influence against truth, and what Joe Citizen, who elected them, actually wants. Politicians have a know better, I’ll do the talking, and I’ll dance around that question, mentality, forgetting that their position is of public servant, not public dictator.

A very wise man (King Solomon) once said, “What has been will be again, what has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun.”

It has become evident again in these days of COVID-19 that times have not changed, people have not changed, and certainly, politics has no changed, either. The worldly political system is steeped in agendas not remotely beneficial to the average Joe Citizen, but only to the ideologies conjured up in the minds of these people of temporary power.

My early learned beliefs have been bolstered as I’ve witnessed politicians lead countries into the abyss of humanism, and as I currently see things, Canada and her politicians have fallen prey to the same - apparently, with no remorse nor conscience.

Government Policy or Government People?

“… how destructive bad government policy could be to the lives of ordinary Albertans.”

In a previous letter to yourself and the premier, I said that Joe Citizens will find the truth in other places if politicians won’t tell it. The holes in the political rhetoric are now exposing the truth of what’s happening in the political realm, and in what’s going on with the pandemic. One can only pull the wool over the eyes of the populace for so long, before truth pokes its head out and makes that populace angry.

I also mentioned that should Jason Kenney, and other politicians for that matter, actually do the right thing in moral integrity and truth, that we, the populace, would support him and have his back. It is apparent, however, that this will never be the status quo for any political party, not even the Conservative party. Officially, I cannot support what I don’t believe in, and will intentionally influence those in my circles to be the same.

Government policy is made up by government people - public servants who are paid by us Joe Citizens. Those policies are the constructs and creations of men and women in offices of administration, they don’t just appear from nowhere as bad policies.

“As a man thinks in his heart, so is he.” Another great and wise quote from King Solomon.

My point. Policies are the reflection of the people who make them!

In agreement with you, I’ll expand your words now as my own. “… how destructive bad government officials and their resulting policies can be to the lives of ordinary Joe Citizens of Alberta.”

What we Joe Citizens now know to be true about the virus, its statistics, and the way this whole thing has been handled, is not what we are hearing from any Canadian political party nor representative. I’m assuming that truth has a cost and that cost is too high for politicians to pay, so the populace will have to foot the bill.

Here are my concerns.

Statistics: (These can be easily found on numerous websites including that of the World Health Organization, in various supporting forms.)

  1. The average age of those whom have died as a result of contracting COVID-19 is above sixty years of age, and of that group, the most affected are over seventy-five years of age and above. This is a global and local statistic.

  2. In this age group, the most affected people have been those with two or more serious comorbidity conditions before contracting COVID-19.

  3. As of today, March 30, 2021, there are six-hundred and sixty-one critical COVID-19 related cases in Canada, which has a population of about thirty-eight million people. (The above sub-points apply.)

  4. Children are not in danger of serious COVID-19 consequences.

  5. The overwhelming majority of adults are not in danger of COVID-19 consequences.

  6. There are over eight-thousand acute care beds in Alberta’s hospitals, yet, as of today, only sixty-two current ICU cases, and two-hundred and eighty-eight current hospitalization cases.

  7. In 2019, the World Health Organization listed, in order of priority, what was expected to be the best order of practice for and possible pandemic outbreak. (Almost like they knew it was coming.) This list included everything which we are experiencing today from our government, except, in reverse order. The most destructive options, not recommend by WHO, have been established first with unrelenting aggression, regardless of the consequences to human life and wellbeing, and with no remorse.

Question to you, the politician: In light of the above facts, why are the lives of healthy Albertans being locked down and destroyed? (Please don’t tell me it’s to save the few elderly lives. My parents fit that category exactly, so I’m not being insensitive to them, but there’s another way to protect this valuable generation other than destroying the lives of a healthy populace, and using that as the excuse. Also, please don’t tell me that it's to protect the health system from being overwhelmed, because this has now been proven to be an incorrect presumption of result where such harsh conditions where not enforced. Refer to point f. to see how far off we actually are from overwhelming the health system.)

Consequences: (These are readily available from numerous medical and mental health documents and articles - you don’t have to look far to find them.)

  1. The psychological effects of the social distancing rules, masks, plexiglass separations, and no human interaction and touch, are devastating.

  2. Humans gain significant emotional and mental benefits from working and accomplishing their work functions. Therefore, prohibiting them is destructive in multiple ways.

  3. The economy of Alberta has been paralyzed, and will take many years, if it ever will, to recover. It’s not the government that keeps the economy vibrant or even working, it’s the Joe Citizens who get out every day who do that. My mother used to say, “Go and get a job, money doesn’t grow on trees!”

  4. The livelihoods of multitudes of Albertans have been stolen from under them; jobs lost, homes being foreclosed, rents being faulted, the list is endless.

  5. Drug use has increased, suicides are up significantly, depression and hopelessness have rapidly surged beyond normal rates.

  6. Medical procedures have been delay or cancelled altogether causing a substantial backlog in normal health treatment.

  7. Fear mongering media reports coupled with pacifying political speeches are driving confusion and despair.

  8. The health system will be overwhelmed in years to come as a result of these current conditions.

  9. Every other sector of society is being sacrificed for the protection of the health system and a few immune compromised people, or so the language expresses. By the power speech which induces fear, the health system has somehow become the untouchable kingpin of society. Or is that just a scapegoat?

Question to you, the politician: Keeping these consequences and the true statistics in mind, how do you justify with honesty and integrity, that the current restrictions and conditions are in the best interest of those that elected you to serve them?

Bullet Holes: (These are my views, and those of most of the people that I know and converse with.)

  1. For this pandemic, the provincial disaster and emergency plan has never been instituted in its designed intent. On the contrary, it seems that the very plan itself has been intentionally sidelined, causing massive detriment and confusion in the functioning of basic services. For example; the Minister of Health decides rules regarding schools, and the principles, teachers, and parents all only learn about these from the same public news updates from the politicians and MoH. Frantic adjustments are then required by all three of these groups to keep the invaluable education of our young children functioning. I have heard this being of immense frustration from those of my friends in the education system. This is NOT the functioning of a well integrated team of emergency experts, but rather the mishaps of an individual mind, either being controlled, or just trying to figure this out on their own. This is absolutely NOT why we elected people to represent us!

  2. The Minister of Health has been tasked with a job which the position, and the person, are completely inadequate to deal with. A health department has never solely orchestrated a response to a pandemic in the past; this is the job of a committee which is made up of different levels of government and community and commerce experts and professionals, of which, only one element is the health department.

  3. Confident speeches with baseless content which contain just enough truth to mislead, leave the populace knowing that there is a something that we are not being told. I’ll mention it again as in a previous letter to yourself, that we the people are not stupid; we were trusting, but that trust has now been broken and Joe Citizen is getting angry. The continued flogging of the proverbial dead horse is beyond reasonable and acceptable.

  4. Earlier I wrote that the Conservative party is looking and acting much like the liberal party; it seems that the same strings of influence which have been attached to Justin Trudeau and his cronies have made there ways to the other parties and premiers of each province. It would now seem to the common sense Joe, less of a health concern and more of a control concern. This smacks of a something which has now become a yoke around the necks of the oxen pulling the cart, and the reigns are in the hands of something or someone else entirely.

  5. The hotel situation at airports, for returning travellers, is a fiasco at best, and its logic, illogical. Its greater purpose now being clear that travel is discouraged not for fear of the virus, (in light of the above statistics) but rather, because if you can control the media narrative and then prevent people from travelling and getting a broader perspective on conditions abroad, you can control their fears and therefore them. But you can’t say no to travel, so you just make it almost impossible.

  6. The so-called “waves” of COVID-19 have never been spoken of in perspective; and that is that they follow, simply and plainly, the normal pattern of the common cold and flu seasons here in Canada. Their risings and fallings have little, if anything, to do with drastic measures of isolation and mask wearing which have been enforced on the people of Alberta, and Canada as a whole.

  7. The political speeches, and even that of the MoH, have little to no scientific basis - presented as if the audience are unintelligent and totally dependent on them for personal life choices. In a previous message to yourself, I indicated the importance of the human immune system in defending against external threats, something that the Minister of HEALTH should be promoting. COVID-19 is just another external threat. The mind, emotions, good nutrition, and exercise are the ingredients for a well functioning and effective immune system, and consequently a healthy population. Consider the following simplistic, yet accurate, portrayal of the importance of wholistic health, and how one affected area affects them all. Then, also consider each one in light of the way that this pandemic has affected each and the whole, for yourself, your friends and family, and for us, the greater Alberta population.

    1. a.The Mind: Media and political speech fills them with mistruths and fears. Lack of work and employment causes mental stress and disfunction. School interruptions and closures stagnate learning and healthy mind activity in the young, shaping them through this trauma for the rest fo their lives.

    2. b.Emotions: The driver of the reason why people do what they do, it’s the seat of conviction, the mover of passion. These restrictions and social and physical distancing lead to misguided and misplaced thoughts, and furthermore, to depression and anxiety; both the root causes of physical instability and imbalance in the human body and its immune system.

    3. c.Good Nutrition: Every cell in the human body thrives on a sound mind, stable emotions, and, healthy food as its fuel to grow and develop and perform life functions, including fortifying the bodies vital natural defences. The enforcement of our current conditions are no replacement for this aspect of our health, and do nothing in comparison to it, or in replacement of it.

    4. d.Exercise: Activity is necessary to facilitating the healthy cycle of the above, and for them to work in synergy with each other. Endorphins, excellent for mood and more; bone density, good for healthy skeletal structure; adrenal balance and thyroid hormone production, good for vitality, mind clarity, skin etc. - these, and much more, are all kept in balance when people exercise.

As I end this message as a citizen of Alberta, I do so with a charge. I implore you consider the wake of destruction which has already been left on the people of Alberta by the use these unjustifiable and unorthodox inflicted rules, and that further adherence to them will only result in catastrophic end.

Need I remind us all that we are not on this earth for long, and will then stand to account for every action and intent of our heart, while on it? Sorry, will then be too late. It’s time to listen to your constituents, true science, common sense, and most of all, the still small voice in your heart.

While I actually do believe that the hearts of most people is good, and that includes politicians, I re-iterate what I’ve learned through life; politics has a way of manipulating the good into submission.

It takes courage to be morally upright, ethical, and true, traits which I know that you have, already; and, there are a growing number of Joe Citizens who are growing their own courage to meet the demands of this Alberta season. Like me, these plain Joe’s have now had enough and are speaking out with growing discontent. It’s time for our representatives to hear us, be cognizant of our concerns, and respond accordingly, sooner rather than later.

Yes, I would like to hear your heart felt answers, not the political ones, to the questions asked.

Best regards, and thank you in advance for standing up for myself, my family and friends, and my community.

Darrin Clark

March 30, 2021.

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Wow what a great read. On point and true. So glad you are speaking out especially when so many are afraid to :)

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