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Scenarios - and a public request for change!

Dear Whitney and Jason.

I’ve asked some questions of you in recent months, none of which have been answered. They have not been difficult questions but only require simple and truthful responses.

Your silence, however, I am going to assume, means one or more of a number of scenarios. I’ll run through them quickly, but feel free, if you ever do respond, to add more light and clarity on the scenarios, and on what I may be missing.

Silence Scenario #1: You remain silent because you believe that my letters are bordering on, as Jason Kenney says, conspiracy, and therefore, I’m not worth responding to.

People, like myself, are looking for truth and transparency, and we ask questions of yourselves because you’re the one’s who are causing our lives and livelihoods to be destroyed. As we sit out your enforcement strategy, there seems to be great contradiction of the information available between what you say is the right way forward, and what seems, for many of us, a better way forward.

Common sense and a desire for truth lead us to learn from many sources, other than just listening to you and your cohort bubble, to use one of the recently propagated pandemic terms.

“That’s a bold and unfair statement, Darrin, to say that we are the ones causing your life and livelihoods to be destroyed!” you may say?

The word complicit, comes to mind.

A while ago, according to an article by Alberta Fish and Wildlife Enforcement, April 27, 2021, three men where caught, found to be guilty, and fined for the crime of killing and possessing, a great blue heron.

Here’s how it broke down. Only one man pulled the trigger and killed the bird; the second took physical possession of the bird when putting it in the car; but the third, he was simply the driver of the car. The law determined that even though the third man had never touched the bird, nor did he kill the bird, he was in cahoots with the ones who did, and, therefore, complicit to their deeds and he paid the price for it.

On other words, the driver of the car was lumped in with the whole, and held accountable for it.

The same lawfully applied intent of complicity must, therefore, be applied to the current Alberta situation, of which you are the “drivers” of the so-called car. No, you did not “kill the bird” and start this, and you’re probably not the one who took possession of the bird to put it in the car, but at the very least, we all see you as the ones with your hands on the steering wheel of this car!

One can only hear biased rhetoric for so long before the mask gets worn out, its straps break, and it becomes ineffective with truth spilling out from the sides.

I’m not a conspiracy theorist, I’m just not getting honest and truthful conversation from the driver, and, like many, am open to wisdom and input from other reputable people.

Silence Scenario #2: You remain silent because I have asked for factual information, in honest and truthful answers, and, for whatever reasons, you’re unable to give those.

Could it be that honesty and truth would contradict what we are hearing from your offices, and that you do not have the mechanism to change the lane which Alberta is currently driving in?

To even acknowledge that there are people out there whom have many hundreds of combined years of wisdom and experiences in such pandemic matters, seems to be something which you have a resistance to doing. For some strange and unexplained reason, your bubble of influence remains as intact as it was in the beginning; blundering on with the same ill-fated tactics to flatten the curve of an increasingly uncontrollable pandemic.

With all the conditions in place to flatten this curve, masks, vaccinations, social distancing, closing businesses, now restricting travel in some provinces (soon to come to an Alberta near you, I’m sure), the case numbers apparently continue spiking upward.

Common sense should tell anyone that the continued enforcement of measures which result in nothing but fear in the public, should point to the bubble of influence being somewhat inept, and that it’s time for a new bubble?

The only possibility which, in your silence, I perceive, is that your bubble is party to its own bubble of command, and to step outside and breathe some fresh air would be, somehow, negatively consequential.

Silence Scenario #3: You remain silent because, somehow, in your heart, you actually believe that this global crises is nothing more than a health crises, and this health crises is about to kill us all.

If we were dealing with a health concern alone, then this may hold some value, but the evidence otherwise is no longer hidden from open eyes. Or, does that make us conspiracy theorists?

On the point of vaccines alone, having travelled the world a fair bit, I have been required to receive certain vaccines applicable to certain regions. Further to receiving the vaccine, there were no other requirements, because those vaccines work!

Under the current health crises vaccines are becoming compulsory for every human to receive, and yet all the current restrictions continue to be imposed and enforced even on those whom have had the vaccination. If anything, that alone smacks of something alarming. Who in their right mind takes medication which will not prevent them from getting the health concern which they currently don’t have.

How disconcerting it would it be if, when traveling, I was told to take a vaccine which will do nothing for me - especially if it would not prevent me from getting the very thing that it was required for? That, in anyone’s book, should be illogical, and stupidity! I would not trust those who are telling me to take it.

It now stands to reason in my heart and mind, and that of many others, that the message of vaccines and the necessity of them for our “return” to normal life, is nothing more than a bribe to coerce the multitudes.

Since March of 2020, the language of Justin Trudeau has become noticeable and concerning. Presenting great speeches of nothingness, riding on the backs of this vaccine driven health pandemic, the innuendoes toward another agenda in the humanistic guise of care and equality, have flowed freely. Recognized by many, but challenged only by a few courageous men and women, momentum continues.

An article from the Toronto Sun, November 16, 2020, stated, and I quote;

“If it wasn’t coming from the horse’s mouth, nobody would believe it.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau thinks the pandemic is an “opportunity” to enact a reset upon the Canadian economy, one that’s in line with a United Nations project called Agenda 2030 and consistent with his climate change goals.”

The very people - the liberals - who say that they care for the common people and are doing everything for the sake of “saving” people’s lives, are ready to pounce on a so-called unanticipated health crises, to change the lives of Canadians according to what he, Trudeau, and his cohort bubble think is best for the world, apart from the health crises. The very one who says that he cares for the people is trampling them for his own bubble’s ideologies.

The health care being forced upon every Canadian, by our caring governments, will result in the government arresting complete control over the citizens without “passports” and effecting their loss of freedom, all in the name of health and safety.

February 26, 2021, the New York Times posted an article on Zimbabwe’s stance toward the vaccine and societal change. In it, it’s quotes president Emmerson Mnangagwa as saying, “The time shall come when those who are not vaccinated won’t get jobs,”

Brazen! But that’s Zimbabwe, a small African country. That won’t happen here in Alberta! You think?

In a previous address to the Alberta people, Jason, you acknowledged that you had received a book about the Great Reset. I often wonder how the timing of the release of the book and this health crises were miraculously coincidental? Or, not!?

Bill C-10 flaunting by the liberal government to sensor free speech in Canada is yet another finger pointing in the not-so-mystifying direction which they are trying to push Canadians.

At risk of being called one of those conspiracy theorists, it doesn’t take much to see that there is more to all of this than just the health crises, and that Canadians are being herded as the health crises steals the limelighving said that, I may be completely misguided, and that apart from acknowledging the book, you still see this all as nothing more than a public health concern.

Silence Scenario #4: You remain silent because you cannot afford to lose your job, or maybe evermore than that.

As in previous letters to you, I’ve included wise and true quotes from people in history, so I’ll continue that trend.

Jesus said this: “Whoever tries to save his life will lose it, but whoever loses his life for My sake will find it. What does it benefit a person if they gain the whole world, and loses their own soul? Or what will someone give in exchange for their soul?”

I quote this above to precede the questions which I ask myself:

What price am I willing to pay to do what is right, integral, and ethical?

Do I just play political correctness?

Do I live in fear to keep my life?

What compromises do I deem worth standing in account for?

Is my present comfort worth losing my soul for?

Courage is a Godly, moral, and ethical attribute. Courage is what enables us to act justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly, regardless of the cost.

Maybe one or more of these scenarios are applicable for you, maybe none! Whichever is true, only you can know for yourselves.

Lastly, and again, as an Albertan I am informing you that I am not pleased with, nor accepting of, the way that the current government is uncompromisingly disallowed any input and guidance from other outside experts, to change their approach to how this pandemic is being handled.

Please accept my letter as a request that you hear and consider the voice of united Albertans who oppose your current strategies in dealing with the health crises, and who would like you to change your bubble of influence, to provide new vision, transparency, and courage from our administrative office.

Thank you, in anticipation of good things to come.

Darrin Clark.

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Daryle Martin
Daryle Martin
Dec 04, 2021

Darrin, I appreciate what you've said here as well as the courage to stand tall. I stand with you, Brother..



Catherine Tobler62
Catherine Tobler62
Dec 01, 2021

Wow! Thank you for expressing so eloquently what many of us are feeling but can't seem to find the words!!! I can feel your pain and it resonates with the grief I feel as well. Thank you for holding the line Darrin and Daphne. Love you both!!

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