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The End of the Line.

The Final Nail

The end of the line came and Daph and I were the last to be tested. We presented our personal information at the administration table and then went to the testing cubicle.

Important note: C and its dreaded variant are airborne viruses and highly contagious. An airborne virus doesn’t just come out with our breath and drop dead on the ground; it hangs in the air, can linger there for long periods of time, is moved around by air flows, and eventually can be inhaled by, and infect, another person. Or, it can land on a surface and find its way to infect someone-else that way.

Remember this as I continue to build the picture for you.

The staff who took the test samples were located about fifteen feet from the admin table, and were the only people donned in plastic gowns, masks, plexiglass face shields, gloves… full hazmat protection.

These testing cubicles were right next to each other, and cumulatively had about three hundred passenger all drop their masks, breathe, and have cotton swabs stuck up their nostrils, all over a period of about four hours.

The room where we were did not have adequate air circulation for three hundred people being held as long as we were, and there was no way for fresh outside air to circulate through the room.

Also, there were no hand sanitizing stations anywhere to be seen.

If all I've shared isn’t enough to set off our internal alarm bells, what was about to unfold should trigger them into full alert mode. It did mine.

I hope, though, as I write this, that I’m not just tickling ears with a story. I’m hoping that my experience and observations will help others to confidently hold on, to what they already know in their hearts, to be true.

As soon as my test was completed, the young man who served Daph and I, removed all of his hazmat attire, yes, including his mask, in the midst of us all. Remember the lingering droplets?

I proceeded to ask him a question which I’d previously asked another young girl on the testing team. Her response was, yes, they would also be tested once we were all done. “Are you going to be tested too, now?” I asked him.

To which he replied, “No, I don’t need to be, I’m vaccinated!”

“But most of the people on this flight are vaccinated, and they have to be tested!” I retorted. He laughed, muttering something else which I couldn’t understand, and simply turned and walked away, along with another staff member - both without masks!

The final nail in the coffin of all the mixed messages which we'd been experiencing, had just been driven home.


It's All Against God

This highly trained national pandemic response team was sent by the Dutch Ministry of Health. Our predicament, in all of the above mentioned environment, was ordered by the Dutch Minister of Health. The Global media frenzy was triggered by a highly contagious C variant. Hello!

Remember the panic which grounded us in the first place? Remember the reason why we were denied food and drinks while on the plane? This narrative bucket doesn’t, and can’t, hold water, it’s full of gaping holes.

Hearts aligned with darkness have become hardened, like pharaoh's in Egypt. They have no conscience, have surrounded themselves with minions, and now sow destruction with impunity.

When the children of Israel told Samuel that they wanted a king, Samuel complained to God, saying, "They want a king, they've rejected me!"

"No they haven't, Samuel," God replied, "they've rejected Me!"

For now, the general populace of the world suffers the brunt of it, but the real battle is not against us, it's all against God - Anti. Christ. The same one who said that he would rise up to the heavens and be like The Most High, but was instead cast down like lightening, He's the driver.

Godlessness, arrogance, and extreme wealth, are the ingredients in this spiritual cauldron, and certain hearts have returned to Babel, saying, "We will build for ourselves a tower, and make for ourselves a name."

Being curious to see how it would continue to play out, I watched the two men walk away and join the rest of their team members, most of whom were now sitting in a group in the midst of us passengers, and these men remained maskless.

A few minutes later the first young man came walking through the crowd, past Daph and I, still with no mask. As he passed by I asked him, “What aren’t you wearing a mask?”

“Because I’m eating!” He said abruptly.

That was clearly not the case as he had nothing in his hands and no food in his mouth, neither was he even carrying a mask with him. He continued on to the bathrooms and returned a few minutes later, still maskless.

Why force me, and three hundred others, into protocols for reasons which aren’t being adhered to by the very ones representing them!? I’m no hero, but I now know what I know, and I’m not afraid to find out why.

I found a lady who had “Co-ordinator” written across the back of her vest, and confirming her position of authority among them, proceeded to tell her of my encounter with the two young maskless men, our interactions, and my observations. I then asked her for a meeting with her, the two men in question, and myself, to which she agreed to as soon as she was finished the conversation which she was then engaged in.

Patiently I waited, but she never came back to me, intentionally avoiding me. I did note, though, that the two young men started to wear masks from that point onward.

A little while later as she sat behind the admin table, now unable to escape my approach, I walked up to her and said, “I see that you didn’t want to come and talk with me!”

Her response was, “I did talk to the two young men!”

But that wasn’t what I’d asked for, nor what her and I had agreed on!

Sadly, this attitude along with poor leadership, were now expected from all those who had any responsibility in our situation.

The test team sat around for a long while talking amongst each other, also eating and drinking their refreshments with their masks off. From time to time many of them sat with their masks pulled down below their chins, and they weren’t even eating.

You guessed it, by now my radar was picking up everything. :))

Eventually all but three of the testing team packed up their belongings and headed to the exit, where a bus was waiting for them. I followed them and asked one man, “Are you all leaving, are you going home now?”

“Yes, we are,” he replied, “we are done now!” And, with that, he turned, walked out the door, boarded the bus, and they all left.


These posts have not been the fourteen pages worth of the detailed account, which I first sent to the relevant persons, but throwing more fire at an already raging inferno, isn’t going to stop the inferno. We need something else, but what is it? Maybe we can explore that, rather? This beehive has been beaten enough.

Also know that I'm not going to be posting as often, so I won't fill your inbox with my musings. I just needed to get through this saga!

The Man Called Jesus

I’m going to end this KLM Flight KL 592 experience, with this.

KLM - thank you for taking me and my wife to South Africa to be with our family and friends there, and for me to spend time in the bush, which I love so much. And, thank you for bringing us home again, so that we can be with our children and friends here in Canada. Yes, I would happily fly with you again, if that becomes possible.

Schiphol Airport - Thank you, for all the above reasons, for making it possible for KLM take-off and land their airplanes, and to do what they do so well. Thank you for being a well organized airport, even though my latte was only half filled and I lost an arm and a leg paying for it. :))

During our time on the ground in Amsterdam, I had interacted a great deal with two other people in particular, as we kept the pressure on to keep things moving along. The first was the young lady from the testing team, remember the one who said that the team would all be tested, but they weren’t?

The second was one of the military police officers who had been sent in, presumably as a display of force. That’s how they roll in these situations.

Yes, by choice this time, and seventeen hours after landing, Daph and I were at the end of the line again, among the last to leave the testing terminal, and making sure that everyone was accounted for and was properly processed.

We received our negative tests results and headed toward to the exit, finally!

As we did, that same military police officer called me over and said, “Thank you sir, I’ve never seen things handled like that before!”

I was humbled. And I still am. Maybe it’s just that he hasn’t seen the man called Jesus, yet?

Your turn is coming too, to be His display, and it’s not far off.

And the young lady? Well, in the last hour of our time there, her and I had the opportunity for a heart to heart conversation. I found out her name was Elia…, and that she was a medial student. I took a few moments and shared with her what I had seen as discrepancies between the common medical narrative of today, which had us all there in the first place, and what had transpired over all these many hours. And then I spoke directly to her, and said, "It's time for you decide what you're willing to live for, and what you're willing to give your life for!"

She didn’t walk away from that conversation, nor did she interject with defences. She just stood there, listening to my heart. I knew she was listening, but not with her ears; she was listening with her heart.

I turned away from the military police officer and Daph and I walked to the revolving exit door. As I was about enter it I noticed a figure standing next to me. It was Elia…, standing there and looking up at me with a smile on her face, and with her elbow extended for an elbow bump. I knew that in other times this would be a hug moment, and for me it still would be, but I honoured the space.

She looked at me, thanked me, and wished us safe onward travels.

Maybe this was her encounter with the man called Jesus?

I was, again, humbled - honoured that God would allow us to walk through this experience to show Him, and to see His love cover a world filled with brokenness, pain, and confusion.

For such a time as this - We are the man called Jesus!

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7 comentarios

Anna K
Anna K
12 dic 2021

* “Because I’m eating!” He said abruptly. *

It reminded me of my own recent peculiar experience (I had TONS of those this autumn🤣).

My driver's license expired, so I went to a registry. I entered the room and was called by a staff. I sat down.

"Put your mask on!" the lady said.

"I don't wear masks"

"Do you have a valid medical exemption?"


"So, what's the reason?"

(just a reminder that I went to renew my driving license, not to get an organ transplant, and was one of two customers present in a big empty room)

"Sorry, I'm not sharing my private information with strangers"

The lady pressed her lips in indignation (supposedly), but didn't reply.


Me gusta
Darrin Clark
Darrin Clark
13 dic 2021
Contestando a

Anna, thanks for sharing the story. It's really sad how some people have become.

I do love your response, that you don't share your private information with others! It's all they need to know! Thanks for sharing that, too.

Be abundantly blessed!

Me gusta

I never tire of your musings. You are an eloquent writer with a heart for God. Looking forward to seeing what God has planned for the both of you😊

Me gusta
Darrin Clark
Darrin Clark
10 dic 2021
Contestando a

Vicki, thank you. I think we're all looking forward to what God has for all! It's going to be good, that we know! :)

Bless you all!

Me gusta

Wow! What a tale..

Your graciousness shines through 💞

The saying that comes to mind is "there's none so blind as them what can't see".

We'll need an update if you ever have a reply to your letters.

It's also good to be given a positive picture of KLM... Very, very different from the experience Anne and I had flying to & from the US when Claire got married 😬

Me gusta
Darrin Clark
Darrin Clark
10 dic 2021
Contestando a

Carol, thanks for the reply.

I've had good and bad experiences with many different airlines, but in context of the big picture, KLM gave me the opportunity which I am deeply appreciative of. It's worth acknowledging.

Bless you loads!

Me gusta

10 dic 2021

The tears flow! There were some beautiful moments in this story for sure!

Me gusta
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