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The Wheels on the Bus go Round and Round

I needed a bit of a humour break when trying to figure out what to title this post. Now I have the song is stuck in my head! My bad! : )


I could be wrong, but the greatest concern for parents, today, is their children. The questions; What’s going to happen with my kids if something happens to me? How can I protect them in today’s world? What does the future hold for my children?

Many of you reading this are parents with children who are still completely dependent on your presence, provision, and protection. God help us! is the silent cry of your hearts.

You’ve been heard, and you’re not alone.

When the children of Israel were in captivity in Egypt, they too had with them those in every vulnerable category. They were heartsore for their children; the slavery and hardships that they would endure, and suffering as they grew - they asked the same questions, cried the same tears.

But we also know, if we don’t erase history, that when they were led to freedom everyone was included, and they, even the vulnerable, were in perfect health and strength, regardless of what was inflicted upon them by their oppressors. Note.

Encouragingly, Israel's performance in life was never the condition for their freedom. Only one thing was needed - a lamb, and the lamb was enough, specifically, enough for everyone in the household. The Lamb is enough!

Parents, I bless you to be at peace, in Jesus name; that your hearts will rest in the knowledge that I AM is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

His deliverance then will be His deliverance again!

God will take care of you and your children.


Wait. Again.

If there was one motivation for me doing what I did on November 26, 2021, it was for the vulnerable.

I ended the last post with a beautiful story, and those stories didn’t stop there. Compassion and care were evident as strangers helped strangers, even staying at their sides to the end - fulfilling functions that were expected, but absent, from KLM and Schiphol ground staff.

When flying I prefer sitting at the rear of the plane, so once the bus's wheels really did start going round and round, it took an hour for us at the back to exit and hop on the last bus.

As we arrived at the terminal we saw the line-up for testing stretching all the way out the door, so we waited in the bus for another thirty minutes until the doorway was clear and we could enter.

Inside the terminal we encountered another three hour wait before we arrived at the testing cubicles. We learned then, too, that only once all the tests were collected, would they be sent to the laboratories for testing. We were told that the results would take between three to four hours once at the labs.

It was around this time when the lack of organization, poor leadership, and the sporadic offering of vague information, really struck me. Certainly, forethought had not been put into what was being inflicted upon us! With all the media news now circulating, this seemed more like a publicity stunt to drive a reaction, rather than a plan to care for and protect human lives.

I know, Right!?

After much fuss made by those who’d entered the testing terminal first, and two hours after Daph and I joined the line, food and drinks eventually arrived - seven and a half hours after landing. It was limited in options, sandwiches or rolls, but at least the food was good, tasty and satisfying. From then on, the the food seemed to be in ample supply for the remainder of the time. Whoever did that, thank you, and well done!

However, while the food was good, at some point they must have run out of wrappers and bags and the sandwiches and rolls were left uncovered; the trays were left out in the open as a help yourself service.

Again, please understand that I personally don’t care, I live by the five-second rule, maybe even five-minute rule, but let’s keep putting this in the context of why were there in the first place.

Imagine this. Three hundred people, some possibly infected with a highly contagious and life-threatening virus variant, eating food, maskless, gathering around open trays of uncovered food. I know, right!?

Once off of the aircraft, everyone was left to fend for themselves, even the vulnerable, for the rest of the unfolding drama.

On the grand stage of life, what we’re all going through now is going to be seen in years to come, if not already, as a the single worst human disaster in the history of mankind, ever! But we knew it was coming, it’s in the book! We just didn’t know how.

On our micro level, it couldn’t have been more clear by the trauma being inflicted, that human care and wellbeing were not their focus for our plight.

Could it all have just been a curtain-raiser, the pursuit of content, and the collection of cases; all to prove, even justify, what the world was again being plunged into?


Considering the above, here are two more real people stories.

One family with three very small children, were visibly overcome by the anguish and stress of this all. The wife, with her baby in her arms, broke through the ribbon barrier flinging it aggressively to the side. As she stormed into the no-go area by the exit door, she angrily, and rightfully, confronted one of the ground staff members. After which, her husband attempted to let themselves out of the terminal, but to no avail, as the exits were all electronically secured. My heart broke for them, and for all the others trapped, not only physically, but now emotionally and mentally, too.

For this next story I’ll simply copy and paste the lady's own words - she’s seventy-eight years of age. It wasn’t me who cared for her that day, so this was sent to me by the people who did. I’ve removed their names, and I do have permission to share it. Keep in mind that English is not her first language.

Hi (…). I'm actually in flight to San Francisco. I was never signed into a hotel last night. 4 o'clock this morning they pushed me into a lounge and left me there without a wheelchair and the porter took my bottle of water and Sprite. Six o'clock this morning an attendant arrived and gave me some water in a glass. I then slept for the first time until 8 o'clock this morning. I hope you arrived safe in Den Haag. Thank you again for all your help and caring. Much appreciated. (………..) 🌷

She wrote again once in the USA.

“I've been double vaccinated. And I also had Covid in July 2021 in between my two Phizer Vaccination. I've had a Negative PCR test on 24th of Nov. I've also missed two flights from Amsterdam to Galgary Canada and from their to Winnipeg Canada. And is still in Fairfelds San Francisco with my son and his family. I was in severe trauma and shock and my feet and ankles is swollen. Don't forget to mention the hard, uncomfortable wheelchair 😢 My daughter spend 9000 extra on securing me best seats and organized assistance for me. The worst was getting out off the plane in icy cold rain, on wet slibbery steel steps. Between the head Stewart and a Male passenger, and again helping me in the bus and out. Still no Assistance long lines. It was a nightmare for me. When I reached my son's house my handbags was still wet. Without all the Angel's with me I wouldn't survived. Thank you.“


There were many angels on Flight KL 592; friendships were birthed, pillows were shared, and countless other acts of kindness done unseen. To all of you, may you be richly and profoundly blessed! Thank you!

Thousands of years ago God used pagan Cyrus for His own purposes. So also in these days there are many angels who reflect our Father’s heart, yet they don’t even know whom they are being moved by.

This same God is bigger than our doctrines could ever define, yet we try and confine Him. He’s so much more than our theologies can express, yet we try to describe Him.

God is Love.

When did it stop being enough just to Love Him, with everything that we are; to love ourselves, even in our broken humanity; and to love others, as much as we ourselves are being loved?

Wouldn’t this be enough for our broken world, until Jesus comes?

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Another wonderful read. You have such talent and the gift of expressing genuine concern for others. May you lead by example.

Darrin Clark
Darrin Clark
Dec 10, 2021
Replying to

Bless you, Sam! Thank you!

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